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Why oh why do half the fics I check out lately have grey text on a white background. It's so fucking annoying, Jesus my eyes don't need to bleed. People have always done it but lately half the fics that aren't from my regulars are like this, easiest way to get me to backspace, I've even backspaced on a couple that I was really interested in reading BAH!

I will be working as a polling official at the state election, got the call today, I'm pretty excited about it actually, it'll be a bloody long day but it's something to do.

So my brother has failed one of his subjects, it's not official yet but even if he got 100% on the exam he couldn't pass, that's a bummer. He actually asked me if I thought it was worth going to the exam and I thought it would be more hassle to not go because they would probably call or something wondering if he was alive.

Dibbles has learned to jump up on the kitchen benches. In the past week he has smashed a bowl and a vase, he also was trying to eat something that had onion in it (onion is toxic to cats). I'm going to skin him one of these days. Damn cat.

You still make me angry grey-text-on-white-background-people.

This is mostly all just an excuse to use my new mood theme
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Went to a 3rd birthday party today, was traveling home on the train at 11pm and I got fined about $170 for having my feet up on the seat. Sitting quietly reading a book resting on my legs, I had my thongs/flip flops resting on the seat in front of me when a plain clothes inspector asked for my ticket, I showed it to him, he said it was fine but I had my feet on the seat and proceeded to ask me for all my ID and why I had my feet up, to rest my book, I'm tired, the seats are a lot more comfortable sitting like this.

As you may be able to guess I'm fucking pissed off, how in the fuck is that worth $170. It's not like I'm taking up the seat that someone could be sitting in when there are only a couple people in the carriage, I'm not damaging the seat, the thongs are rubber and the buttons on my jeans are much more likely to do damage to the seat, I'm not doing any anti-social behaviour, graffiting or cutting up the seats, I'm not even eating or drinking and getting food all over the seats.

Fuck you, how about putting effort into actually catching people who are doing something that negatively impacts the system, the ones who actually graffiti the seats and windows, break things and make you want to get off at the next station and just wait for the next train because a fight is going to break out soon rather than alienating people who use the system in good faith.

When I get my fine I'm writing a letter and I better fucking get out of it because $170 does not fit my supposed fucking crime, if it was $20 I would probably pay it no worries, but $170 who in hell is running this fuckery.



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