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So I just noticed I haven't posted anything for six months and I totally missed my one year anniversary on Livejournal, whateves. The first line of my last post is still relevant but perhaps it's my own fault as I never tell those people that gray text on a white background is really hard to read so they aren't going to change, though you would think that would be fucking obvious.

So I am alive and I'm even working now, though as a telemarketer so it's not great but at least I'm doing something and I totally have a huge crush on my supervisor and I think he may too but I so don't wanna go there. Could be changing soon or maybe going back to study, I'm waiting to see if I get this florist assistant job and if I don't then I think I'll do a massage course.

I still have a fic that has been half finished for months now but I'm going to finish it soon, no I really am because I'm starting to hear it call my name, it wants to be finished. It's not even that long just a couple thousand words so I don't know why I'm dragging my ass.


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