Jul. 29th, 2010

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Went and saw 30 seconds to mars last night, I had a lot of fun, the second half was much better than the first half though that was probably because I got out of the mosh pit and was able to breathe and not having to concentrate on not falling over. I am sore all over, my feet have some nice bruises from getting crushed while in the mosh pit, I had to take my shoes off and hold them because I was going to lose them, at one point I was talking to/squashed up against a chick who said that her shoes were lost. I have some how managed to pull my right bicep and I don't even know how. The support band were fucking terrible, when they announced their last song everyone cheered then laughed, then we had to wait 45 minutes for 30 seconds to mars to come out, I started out left of the middle but got pushed out to the right hand side eventually thought that was cool because I was closer to Shannon then. Couldn't see much sometimes, tall guys should not be allowed to go anywhere near the front, I'm average height for a chick but I still can't see a bloody thing, only got a couple glimpses of Tomo but he had his hair all over his face and so I feel like I didn't really see him, Tim buzzed around like a crazy person and Jared was his usual self all over, so many people were surprised when he went to do the acoustic set in the middle of the crowd, maybe I just spend too much time on the internet. I appreciate Jared apologizing for taking 4 years to get back to Australia but he also said that they will be back for Soundwave and I have already checked out that it's on March 4 next year, I'll just have to keep an eye on it because festivals sell out so damn quick. I bought one shirt, red with a wolf and 'I believe in nothing but the truth and who we are' on it and a triad necklace, I wanted a hoodie because I love them but at $100 I am not made of money.

Got dragged to an audition for Deal Or No Deal today, had to fill out a form that asked questions like three words to describe yourself, what is your luckiest moment, what is the best thing you have bought with $10 or less, what would you send various amounts of money on. Then there was an interview where you have to be all bubbly and shit and tell them why you should be the ones they pick to be the case opener. They told us it takes between 2 and 12 months to be called up and if you haven't been called up by then you haven't been chosen.

Listening to 30 seconds to mars on the radio right now doing an interview, funny as usual, their answer to how they got their name is funny and now they have completely cracked up talking about Shannon getting an erection on stage, wonderful. Will have to see if I can grab the podcast.

Free public transport tomorrow and it's the one day this week I don't need to go anywhere :(

Going to watch Rush, bloody good Aussie show.


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